To Be With You (Jacob's Theme)

     This song has been rolling around in my head since the early 80's.  I've always liked the song but I didn't do much with it because it didn't make much sense to me. Who would have to relive their life to be with their soulmate?

     When I applied the song to Jacob and Rachel's situation then it made more sense to me. Jacob had to work seven years before he could have Rachel's hand in marriage.  Then he is tricked into marrying Leah.  Even though he was able to marry Rachel he was forced to work another seven years.  Jacob and Rachel truly loved each other and paid the price to be together.  Others may relate to this song such as those that are serving in the military or those that are serving time in prison.

     We had fun recording this song.  Aaron and I enjoyed messing around with the melodica.  I also added some percussion using a wooden frog.

You Gave to Me Your Heart

     When I sing this song I often think about three women in my life.  My sister Lynn, my wife Debbie, and my mother Charlotte.  The true inspiration for this song however was my sister Lynn.

     My sister was one of the sweetest people that I have ever known.  I was proud to be her little brother.  She was known for her kindness to all and her love for God.  She took me to church and to Jiu jitsu classes.  She was a wonderful mother of two amazing daughters, Lisa and Kim.  She was a loving wife to her dedicated husband Larry. 

     Lynn was stricken with Multiple Sclerosis in her early thirties.  She never had a remission from the disease.  Her family provided the best care possible for Lynn but she passed away from the disease in 1985.

     I was 28 and Debbie and I had two babies of our own at the time, Aimee and Aaron.  When you look back at the death of a loved one you always tend to think that you should of done more.  I wish I would have sang and lived the lyrics that are in this song.  I wish I would have given Lynn more of my hands, time, and music.  I know we loved each other.  I have reassurance in that fact.

     The recording session was a quick one.  The first couple takes were too slow and Kristen suggested that we pick up the tempo.  I was playing the Hagstrum Classical which was the guitar that I used to write most of my songs.  Aaron was playing the keyboard.  Aaron's ability on the keyboard adds magic to any song that he is playing.  Tony provided the soft steady percussion on drums that the song needed.  The third verse needed a drone background.  After everyone left I played a Chicago accordion that seemed to work nicely for the end of the song.  That  accordion was given to me by the brother of a South American missionary that had passed away.  That instrument was given to me with the understanding that it will be used in ministry.  I try to incorporate it into ministry whenever possible.

     We did two versions of the song.  We recorded it the first time as a duet with Kristen and I singing different verses and both singing the last verse.  After hearing it I realized that I only wanted to hear Kristen's pretty voice.  We went back to the studio a couple weeks later and had Kristen sing the entire song.  I remember Kristen singing the word "everything' just a little different then what I had planned.  It always gives me shivers when I hear that part.  I loved it, and still do.  Kristen sang this song with heart. It is one of my favorites.


The Healing Sound

     I have been to funerals where I would listen to the children of the father that died say something like " Dad never told us that he loved us, but we knew he loved us because he kept a roof over our heads and provided three meals a day."  So my thought that I kept to myself was "Seriously,"   If he was so strong and such a good provider, why couldn't he say those three words?   Was he not strong enough?

     The term "I love you" is the most abused and not used term in the English language.  It is often said with the head and it is not worth a whole lot.  But when it is said with the heart it can be life changing. Healing.  How many relationships could be restored by telling someone "I love you" from the heart.

     I always believed in the power of those words so I searched the scriptures to back up my claim that we need to tell one another "I love you".  I was having difficulty finding scripture to support the idea. I almost gave up. Maybe showing love is enough.

     Then one day during my devotion time I found exactly what I needed.  In John 21:15-19 Jesus asked Peter three times "Do you love me?" Jesus needed to hear "I love you" from Peter not once but three times. If Jesus needs to hear it from Peter then I think we all need to hear it from one another.

     So that was the idea for the song though it is not examined often.  In the second verse of the song there is a reference to the song about love unspoken.  I am referring to an insertmental song by W.B. Snuffy Walden called "Love Unspoken".  It is one of the most beautiful and saddest songs I have ever heard.

     I wrote the bridge last because I realize that you can love without saying the words.  I felt that needed to be stated. I set it apart with a music box sound that I recently heard America use on their album "Back Pages".  I also used a John Lennon strategy of holding out the first word of the bridge.  In "I'll Be Back" he sings "IIYEEEE thought that you would realize...". In "The Healing Sound" it was "IIYEEEM not saying that you don't care."

     We recorded the music basically in one take.  I was playing the flat bodied Taylor. 

Aaron was on keys and Tony on drums.  We did not discuss how to end the song so I was getting a little concerned.  I followed Aaron's lead and he finished the song beautifully. Later Aaron added bass and we added Kristen's vocal.

     One last thought about the song.  It is a song about telling the people you love "I love you", but that term is never used in the song. I love that!  Again it is the most abused and not used term in the English language.